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Netopti Local

NetOpti local is an intelligent web acceleration solution for companies with web sites located abroad wanting to increase performance for visitors from South Africa.

Why does it exist?

Some companies prefer to run their sites on servers located in data centres abroad since these sites are accessed mostly from users located in the US, Europe or Asia. Overseas hosting is also significantly cheaper than hosting at ISP data centres in South Africa.

Often these sites are still accessed by a lot of browsers based in South Africa. However, because South African visitors have to access web servers over a long distance and congested international link, response times are slow.

NetOpti local provides a transparent local cache for sites like these, so that it will respond to the browser as fast as if it was being accessed from a browser abroad.

Who is this for?

This solution will result in performance gains for companies with sites hosted outside of South Africa, which gets accessed from browsers within South Africa.

How does this work?

NetOpti Local works similar to NetOpti International, except that it uses intelligent cache servers in South Africa to accelerate the connection.